The first Meeplecon (incorporating ConVic XII) will be held on the 30th of November and 1st of December 2013 at the Melbourne Chess Club (66 Leicester Street, Fitzroy 3065).

It’s a weekend devoted to playing boardgames… we’ll have a wide assortment including Euros games, Thematic (Ameritrash) games, Party games and more.

There will be a free play library (with NSEG’s games library as well as games of it’s members). Plus we have a few surprises which we’ll announce later (keep an eye on this site).

Bring your own games, play the games of others or our games library! Plus we’ll have all of the latest and greatest games from Essen (thanks to unhalfbricking)

Doors open at 10am both days and won’t shut until 10pm (or later).

For prices and ticketing information see here.